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Anxiety is part of our lives

It is natural for certain things or situations to cause us to worry. It can become a problem when these thoughts take up a lot of time during the day (almost all day), when they impede functionality at work, at home, or in other contexts, and when associated somatic symptoms occur (e.g., muscle tension, fatigue, and so on). .

In short, "anxiety" involves the appearance of thoughts (worries, fears) about the future, in the absence of a real situation, now, to justify them; that is, a  fear without object .

There are several types of anxiety :

  1. Separation anxiety (excessive fear of separation from important people);

  2. Selective mutism (involves the constant inability to speak in certain social situations);

  3. Specific phobia (object fear);

  4. Social anxiety  or social phobia (excessive fear, present in certain social situations, of not being exposed to negative evaluation by others);

  5. Panic disorder  (presupposes the presence  panic attacks  unpredictable and recurring) → read more  here ;

  6. Agoraphobia  - fear of leaving the house, fear of being in very crowded places (for example, in a crowded bus, the passage from Unirii at rush hour); in closed spaces (for example, in the elevator) or open spaces (for example, an empty park);

  7. Generalized anxiety  (involves excessive concern about future events, a concern present almost daily);

  8. Substance- or drug-induced anxiety;

  9. Anxiety secondary to a medical condition.

Treatment  (interview)  recommended for anxiety:

Depending on the type of anxiety and the severity of your symptoms, it is recommended  psychotherapy  with or without psychiatric treatment .

During psychotherapy sessions, you will

discuss your concerns, you will agree with the psychologist  cause (where they come from) and you will analyze them together to see  which are useful and which are in excess.

The psychologist will also teach you some relaxation techniques that you can do both at home and when needed.

In the case of children, anxiety  it can be aggravated if not intervened correctly, when appropriate.

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😯 #Anxiety often comes "packaged" with #Depression. It's a cocktail that # sabotages your life every day ... And it takes over every day more.

😯 No, it doesn't go away on its own!

👉 ask for #specialized help when worries mix with guilt and / or self-criticism.

PS. Anxiety and Depression Can't Be Healed with Quotes or "Positive Thinking" 

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