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PHOBIAS  manifests an intense, sudden fear when it comes in contact with a specific object or situation (such as fear of flying; height; snakes, spiders, dogs, rats, or other animals; injections or blood sight, and more ).

Events :

Sometimes it can be embarrassing to refuse to go on a trip because of the fear of going by plane or train, but it is not so important as long as it is not a job. And if you still can't escape this journey, you will surely find a solution! A bit expensive, which is true, but you got off the plane (or train): to go by car (gasoline, much more time on the road), to take a taxi or to ask a friend. What if you didn't have to do all this stuff?

To treat phobias,  we talk about your fears so that we can discover those thoughts that transmit the “danger” signals (cognitive danger schemes), then we will do some imagination exercises (or some experiments) to test, in safe conditions, if those cognitive danger schemes they may or may not come true.

In children, fear can manifest itself through  crying, agitation, fits of rage have clinging to parents in order to  avoid  the object or situation that triggered the anxiety.

The difference between fear and phobia lies in the intense and persistent fear in the presence of a stimulus.

Ce sunt „fobiile”?: FAQ
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