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How to Conduct Effective Profiling Analysis for Your Business Success

”Profiling Analysis" refers to gathering psychological information about a person and analyzing their behavioral characteristics to create a profile.

Based on this profile, the following can be done:

  • behavioral predictions (what will be the future actions),

  • cognitive (what he will think in a certain context and how these cognitions will influence his behavior) and

  • linguistics (what the person's words mean and what is the most appropriate approach for the person).

There are several types of profiling:

  1. Criminal Profiling (what is done at the crime scene);

  2. Geographical Profiling (geographical profile);

  3. Psychological Profiling (the psychological profile);

  4. Marketing Profiling (buyer profile), etc.

We, at MENTAL COACHING for PERFORMANCE, deal only with the last two and I will tell you about each one separately, briefly, everything you need to know:

Psychological Profiling

Do you want to know your interlocutor before starting a business with him?

What would it be like to meet your future employees before you end up wanting to fire them?

The Profiling process has 7 stages:

  1. Collection of information;

  2. Behavioral analysis;

  3. Analysis of decision-making processes;

  4. Analysis of antecedents;

  5. Creating the profile;

  6. Profile revision (depending on new information obtained along the way).

Psychological profiling is useful in all professional fields where the main activity involves interacting with people.

What can MCP psychologists do for you?

I can do the profiling analysis for: your employees, for your competition, for your interlocutor (before a negotiation), for you (so you can still be a successful businessman) OR I can teach you how to do such an analysis.

There are 3 levels of difficulty: beginner - intermediate - advanced:

At a beginner level things are way too easy, so we'll skip this difficulty level.

At an intermediate level, the Profiling type analysis helps you figure out what accentuated features your interlocutor has, according to the 5 facets of personality (according to the Big5 model):

  • Extraversion;

  • Agreeableness;

  • Neuroticism;

  • Conscientiousness;

  • Opening.

Important to remember: at a beginner level, Profiling analysis only helps you figure out if you can trust your interlocutor or if he is the type of person to avoid.

We will teach you who are the people you need to be careful with and how to discover them in time:

  1. The paranoid;

  2. The dramatic;

  3. Emotionally unstable;

  4. The Predator.

At an advanced level, Profiling helps you make behavioral predictions (i.e. what X will do with the information I just gave him, or how Y will react if I compliment him; what if I criticize him? Or how will the competition react if I want to buy their shares; what can I say to my political opponent so that he retreats? And so on), starting from the structure of the individual's personality:

  • Paranoid (is he suspicious and distrustful? Do you feel like he's testing you?)

  • Schizoid (isn't he very talkative? seems emotionless?)

  • Schizotypal (is he superstitious? Does he believe in luck?)

  • Narcissistic (is he arrogant? Talks a lot about his achievements and how good he is?)

  • Histrionic (is it theatrical? Does it look fake?)

  • Borderline (moves quickly from one state to another? Now he's in a good mood, the next second he's cranky and recalcitrant?)

  • Antisocial (thinks rules are made to be broken? Lies frequently?)

  • Avoidant (does he avoid social interactions? Avoids speaking in public?)

  • Dependent (can't make decisions on his own? Always trying to please others?)

  • Perfectionist (does everything have to be perfect? Is he extremely stubborn?)

The 10 personalities described above are emphasized personalities.

Each of us has a 'core personality' that includes 3 of the above.

To get what you want from a strong personality it is recommended to know how to communicate with it (verbally and non-verbally). Otherwise, he will be your enemy for life.

Of course, you can also learn to do Profiling analysis, so here are some titles with which you can start studying this field:

About Marketing Profiling I invite you to read in this article >


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